Why professional Tree Service is required?


Trees are beneficial to the environment as they help to clean air, provide shade and the city look cool. Managing trees in an urban environment is very essential nowadays. As per the council’s advice, the trees should be managed and maintained

  • In accordance with the Energy safe Victoria vegetation clearance requirements,
  • In accordance with the VicRoads Regulation,
  • To provide clearance from buildings,
  • To maintain proper sight lines and clearance for road and pedestrian traffic.

Over-cutting or pruning also make some irreversible damage to the trees and make it prone to bacterial and fungi infection. So the trees should be assessed by qualified and experienced Tree Service Company for the good health and to meet the clearance requirement.

Let’s look through some of the tree services to manage and maintain them.

Tree Cutting Service:

Tree removal is not an easy task. If Tree cutting is done by someone without prior experience it can cause damage to your property or to the neighbour’s property. Tree health report by specialised arborists is required to find problems like fungal or bacterial infections in trees. This report is essential to get a permit to cut down your tree.

Arborists Service:

Regular Arborists service will help to maintain the good health of the trees in all climatic conditions. The trained and experienced arborists in the tree service company will have wide knowledge about the health of the trees and provide best tree care solutions for the trees in your garden.

Tree pruning service:

Dead or aged branches in the tree can risk the health of the tree and regular Tree pruning service is required to avoid risks. The professional tree service company have experienced team to cut down the infested stems or areas in the tree. This can prevent cutting down of trees in more number even for minor tree problems.

Standard pruning specifications:

  • 4.6 m above roads
  • 2.5 m above footpaths
  • 0.5 m from buildings.

Stump removal service:

Tree stump removal requires various stump grinding tools. The Tree service Companies will be equipped with the latest tools and trained team for the stump removal service. Using tools stump can be removed effectively in less time.

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Tree Rules and Regulations of Melbourne

Trees are among the most valued assets in any country. They have numerous importance which includes maintaining a healthy environment, controlling air pollution and keeping a region cool. Melbourne city employs professional arborists to ensure a healthy forest. Melbourne city has authority over all trees in the town except those on private property unless the planning scheme accords them protection.

Tree Rules and Regulations of Melbourne

There are three rules and regulations listed under Melbourne law to protect tree damages and ensure they are well preserved. It is the responsibility of the local council to provide tree protection through Tree Preservation Orders. These orders inhibit one from looping, ringbarking, malicious destruction or cutting down of trees that are protected.

To do the above mention activities on trees which are specified under tree preservation orders, one must have the consent from the local council. A person who breaches the rules is punished through heavy fines. It is, therefore, always wise to consult with the local council to determine whether Tree Preservation Orders protect a tree before carrying any action that can be termed as tree destruction even though the tree could be on your property or you are on private property order.

To do pruning and or root severing when the roots over elongate and the branches appear overhanging, first, confirm whether it is protected. If it is, then you need to fill an application form requesting for permission to carry out these actions.

It is apparent that tree preservation and maintenance is at the heart of Melbourne city leadership. You, therefore, need to be careful and ensure you are conversant with all rules and regulations for the trees in Melbourne. Otherwise, you risk being caught up with the serious consequence for any action that is in contrary to Tree Preservation Orders. Contact DMS Tree Company for all your tree removal & related services.

7 Things You Should Know Before Having a Tree Removed

It’s not at all uncommon to make the decision to have a tree removed from your property. People make these types of decisions for all kinds of reasons, but it’s usually because the tree is no longer healthy or obstructing something. That being said, there are seven things that you should carefully consider before you decide to have a tree removed.

1) Estimated cost

Obviously, you want to know about how much it’s going to cost to have a tree removed. There are several variables that can cause an estimate to be higher or lower, so it’s important to get an estimate first. That way, you’re not surprised by the cost once the job is completed.

2) Dead or decayed trees

There are special concerns that need to be taken with trees that are unhealthy, dead or decaying. These types of trees can fall over completely on their own and it makes tree removal much more hazardous. Therefore, it’s important to discuss these types of concerns with the professionals that are removing the tree in order to ensure that everything is done as safely as possible.

3) Electrical hazards

Whenever a tree is removed, it’s imperative to make sure that there won’t be any problems with potential electrical hazards. If there are wires overhead, it could present a problem. Therefore, anyone that is being hired to remove a tree should look for these types of hazards. That’s one reason why it’s exceptionally dangerous for a homeowner to attempt to do it themselves.

4) Possible damage to property

Anytime a tree is removed, there is a potential for additional property damage to occur. This is especially true concerning fence lines and other nearby trees. It’s also possible for limbs to fall on structures and cause damage.

5) Approval may be required

Depending on where you live, it may be necessary for you to get written approval in order to have a tree removed. Certain locations require certificates and permits while others do not. Therefore, it’s important to check with local officials in order to see what types of permission, if any, are required first.

6) Property ownership

If a tree is directly on a fence line, it’s imperative to find out who has legal ownership of the tree before anything is done. Otherwise, it could cause legal issues later on.

7) Complete tree removal may not be required

In some cases, it isn’t necessary to completely remove the tree. If the problem is that the tree is obstructing something, it might be enough to merely remove some limbs and leave the tree itself intact.

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How Regular Pruning Helps Your Trees to Thrive

Unfortunately, proper tree maintenance is often overlooked. There is no better way to spend your free time than in maintaining your garden. There are more benefits to pruning and trimming, apart from making your landscape look presentable. Weak and dead branches of a tree may fall anytime causing an injury or damage to property. Since the process involves working at a height, it is dangerous; hence, it is wise to leave the job to a professional company as safety comes first.

Differences between Pruning and Trimming

Trimming is usually applied to small plants hedges or overgrown bushes. The process involves cutting back overgrown plants. It is carried out to ensure the plants receive adequate sunlight exposure, form and make them visually attractive. On the other hand, pruning is carried out to remove loose, infected or dead limbs. Both the processes require different tool sets. Arborists or tree experts at DMS Tree Company offers the service & approach that works best.

Benefits of Pruning and Trimming.

Provides Protection: Dead and weak branches are always vulnerable and may fall anytime. Hence, might lead to a safety hazard. Branches may spread near streets, electric lines and roof, and when not cut immediately, they may damage or block the visibility of your home.

Prevent Diseases: Just like human beings, trees too can acquire diseases. Thus, through pruning, the infected branches are removed to prevent any further spread of diseases.

Proper Tree Growth: With regular pruning, your trees can withstand extreme weather conditions. Proper pruning helps in improving the health of your trees. Besides, when it is done at the right time, it promotes the growth of new branches.

Enhance the appearance of your yard: Just like a haircut, pruning and trimming your trees gives them a fresh look. In turn, they make the landscape look beautiful.

If you love your garden, then you need to call an expert pruner to get the maximum benefits of pruning. Professionals like us will help you have the necessary tool and infrastructure to handle the work.

Tree Trimming and pruning is not a DIY job. It looks simply, but there are several technical aspects. To avoid property damage and potential injuries you should involve a certified arborist Melbourne from DMS Tree Company.

When Should You Remove A Tree From Your Garden?

When a tree starts developing problems, it can be difficult to decide whether it has to be removed or not. Dying trees that are not in risk of falling on nearby structures or people can be kept as long as possible. Dead trees serve as a place for birds to find food and nest. Unfortunately, if the dying tree is in danger of falling on your or your neighbour’s property, you should opt for tree removal service. If you are still confused and not sure when to remove a tree, simply walk through our suggestions.

A Tree with Dying Branches:

Dead or hanging branches are at a higher risk of falling during severe winds, costing you thousands of dollars for structural repairs. Being unsafe, the tree can be removed with the help of certified arborists.  These professionals are knowledgeable in all aspects of tree removal and will guide you through every step of the removal process.

Species of the Tree:

Tree RemovalCharacteristics such as weak wood, shallow roots, frequent infestation and prone to diseases make some trees undesirable. Trees that tend to drop large quantities of debris and that damage pavement are something insidious. If you have a tree with any of these characteristics, it is worth removing it from your yard.

Health of the Tree:

If the tree is severely infested, it probably should be removed. Though an infected tree continues to survive for years, it will have abnormal growth and terrible appearance. It is more likely to have misshapen leaves that may affect its look and appeal. If the infestation is not more intense, you can opt for tree pruning or trimming services, where you can cut down damaged or infested parts, thus preventing the disease from spreading to other parts of the tree.

Damages to Trunk:

Vertical cracks in the trunk, large wounds and dead branch stumps propose internal decay. If the main trunk is severely damaged, it justifies removal of the tree. On the flip side, the wound could gradually heal over, especially if the damage is not too intense. Of course, it is essential to get consultation from the tree care specialists before making any decision.

If you have any question about the health or safety of any tree, you can consult with the arborists of DMS Tree Company. We have a deep understanding of different tree species and have been trained in the most efficient ways to remove them. If you have a tree that needs to be removed, trimmed or pruned, call us at +61 1800 770 273 for a free estimate.


How to Choose the Right Tree Care Professional?

Tree RemovalWould you like to remove a tree from your yard which is unhealthy, likely to fall or simply blocking your view? Then you need to hire a professional tree care company to get the job done perfectly. Trying to remove a tree on your own is extremely dangerous and it can even lead to personal injuries and property damage.

When you surf the internet, you will come across several tree care companies claiming to provide tree removal Melbourne Eastern Suburbs services. Remember to consider the following facets before deciding who would do the job.


Are they Insured?

If you hire a tree care company that is not insured, then you will have to deal with lawsuits. If suppose, a worker got injured while working on your property, you may be liable. However, an insured or licensed company will not charge you to cover the insurance and you will never have to worry about the large legal fees.

Are they Trained and Well-Equipped?

Tree removal professionals should be fully trained and equipped to complete the task quickly and safely. Whether it is a simple tree pruning or a complex tree removal, make sure they have the right tools and adequate training to complete the job systematically and promptly.

Do They Provide Stump Grinding?

If you choose a company that does not have proper equipment to remove the stump, you would be left with unsightly stumps in your yard. That is why it is always recommended to choose a company that could help you with stump grinding.

Are They Reputed?

Before you decide upon the specific service provider, you must explore the internet to see what previous customers have told about their service quality. Look for a company that has gained a good reputation and positive reviews from the past customers for their professionalism, courteous service and exemplary results.

DMS Tree Company is a leading tree care firm that provides a wide range of services including tree shaping, tree trimming, mulching & chipping and hedge trimming in Melbourne. The professionals have ample experience and are extensively trained, so you can be sure of receiving the best possible tree care services. Feel free to call us on 0408 435 970 to get an estimate today!

Why Should You Choose A Professional Tree Removal Service?

Having trees around your home may make it look more appealing, but there will be sometimes when trees have to be completely removed. Removing a tree is hardly an easy job to do and may require a professional help. The experts provide a wide range of tree services and help you get rid of the knotty tree as quickly as possible.

The experienced arborists know how to remove dangerous trees without damaging your property. They execute the work in a controlled manner to protect the surrounding gardens, lawns and structures. Whether the job is big or small, they endeavor to put your safety at the forefront. With all the necessary equipment and expertise, they can remove any type of tree in no time.

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