What To Do If A Tree Falls On Your Home?

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Like all forms of living things on this planet, trees need care & attention to survive. When it comes to tree care, most people are not aware of how important it is to take a tree pruning Melbourne to keep trees healthy & in good shape. When the trees are weak and poorly maintained, they become scapegoats when a storm hits them. Though trees are strong & are deeply rooted, a violent storm can rip them off or even move them at great distances. On any unfortunate occasion, if a tree falls on your home, it can impact you & your house. So, if you come across a situation, call a tree removal service instantly & we will take you over the step you need to do.

Waste Removal

So, what to do when a tree falls on your home?

Stay Alert

If a tree fell hard on your house, don’t get panic! You must ensure all your family members & pets are safe, get out of the house immediately & avoid checking the part of the house that the tree fell on. Because there may be electrical lines involved & best not to touch them. Remember that when a tree falls on a home, it brings structural damage to the home. Make sure to turn off the power system to avoid short circuits.


Call Fire Safety & Electrical Department

When electrical lines are involved, it may pose electrical or fire hazards & bring a potential cause of the fire. In this case, it’s safe to call fire safety or electrical company for immediate remedial services. Better to ward off or remove old or weak trees from your yard with a professional Hedge Cutting Melbourne.


Get Assistance From Tree Removal Company

Whether the damage is severe or not, you must ensure to call an emergency tree services Melbourne in the case of hail storm accidents. They can help get rid of the fallen trees efficiently & identify the weak trees from your yard, remove them to ensure extra protection. Once it’s been removed, look for the damages & repair them at the earliest.


Bottom Line

Structural damage by a fallen tree can be a nightmare & can put you with expensive repairs, so investing in tree removal services can save your property & keep you safe in these unfortunate situations. If you’re looking for a reliable tree removal service across Melbourne, call DMS Tree Removal on 0499 862 545 today.