Tree Cutting Melbourne

Tree Cutting Melbourne

Tree RemovalAt DMS Tree Company, we provide a complete range of expert tree removal services across Melbourne.

Our clients include households, landlords, construction sites, commercial properties, government agencies & departments, real estate agents, property managers, golf courses, insurance companies, builders, architects.

At DMS Tree Company we specialise in complete tree care, tree cutting and stump removal. Fully insured and qualified, we pride ourselves on our professional approach.

The team at DMS Tree Company have more than 10 years experience in tree care, tree and stump removal, garden maintenance and landscaping.

In addition to expert tree advice and removal, DMS Tree Company can provide Tree Radar service – effectively an MRI for trees. This is a non-invasive method of internal decay detection for trees. Tree decay can often be difficult to detect in its early stages, and only a Tree Radar inspection can detect early stages of internal decay.

Whether you have a branch that needs removing, a whole tree or a stump, we get the job done properly in a safe and effective manner. We also clean up after ourselves and ensure that everything is left neat and tidy.

The team at DMS take pride in our work and we care for the environment.

For every tree removed over 3 metres in height we donate 2 seedlings to Tree Project. Over 700 seedlings have been donated to date!

Specialists in tree cutting in tight and confined spaces, over houses and structures, they understand the dangers and takes all the necessary precautions and requirements before, during and after the cutting down of a tree:

  • Utilising their skills and expertise when assessing the base & surrounds of the tree
  • Assessing & Determining the general condition of the tree
  • Evaluating branch distribution and tree height
  • Ensuring the highest standards of safety for our team and clients
  • Observation which direction a tree is leaning towards and take the necessary safety precautions
  • Identifying the optimal and safest place for a lowering zone
  • Efficiently cleaning up and tidying after every job

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