Annual Tree Maintenance

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Visual Inspection:

We will perform a thorough inspection of your trees and create a custom plan tailored to keep your trees thriving. During inspection, we will look for signs of diseases and pest problems that could put your trees in jeopardy.

Our Annual Tree Maintenance Program Includes


Tree pruning is the best way to resist diseases, pests, storm threats and other environmental disasters. We remove dead and diseased branches to promote tree health and protect you from property damage, injury and potential liabilities.

Pest and Disease Control:

On spotting pest or diseases, we come up with targeted treatments to control specific problems. Our experts will take all the measures necessary to prevent tree loss.

Periodic Inspection:

We inspect your property on a regular basis to identify the issues before they grow into a major problem.

Not only your vehicle, but your garden trees also need regular care. Giving them annual maintenance services will keep them in good shape. Strong winds and rains and drought can affect trees more. Heavy or broken branches may fall and damage property if any of these strikes hard. As the tree grows bigger on top, the roots grow deeper to match & if the roots grow beneath a sidewalk or road, they could cause buckling or cracking of that paved pathway.  So, ensure to hire an annual tree maintenance service to trim, cut, prune, fertilise & mulch and take care of your lovable trees.

At DMS Tree Removal – Redback Tree Services Company, we strongly believe that annual tree maintenance is an excellent way to ensure that your trees are properly cared for. Whether you want knowledgeable information about tree care or need professional help to achieve your landscaping goals, call us on 1800 770 273 and schedule an appointment with us today!