Why Tree Pruning Is Not A DIY Job?

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Tree pruning Melbourne , when done correctly, will result in healthy and beautiful trees. If you are unsure of proper tree pruning techniques, it is always best to avoid doing it yourself. The truth is that DIY tree pruning Melbourne can be dangerous and may cause costly damage to your property. Here are some reasons why you should say no to DIY tree pruning.Tree Removal

DIY Tree Pruning Can Be Fatal:

Tree pruning requires the use of sharp tools like handsaws and chain saws at elevated heights. You may also be required to climb up the ladders, which is not easy for the layperson. Tree pruning requires coordination and special safety precautions which are unavailable to an average homeowner.

Poor Tree Pruning Can Cause Property Damage:

Trees require proper pruning to ensure good health. Trees that are not pruned properly become weak and hazardous. Moreover, only the unhealthy tree branches should be pruned. A typical homeowner can’t distinguish a rotten branch from a healthy one.  If the diseased or rotten branches are not pruned, it might fall down, hitting your structure or something else in the vicinity.

DIY Pruning Can Impact the Tree’s Health:

You are pruning a tree because you would rather not remove it. But, do you know that pruning can do a lot of damages to a tree? Yes, if you don’t have expertise to assess the tree and plan the pruning, you could end up putting unnecessary stress on the tree. In fact, its ability to resist pests and diseases can also be affected with improper pruning.

Call In The Professional Crew:

Hopefully, these three reasons would have made you clear that DIY pruning is not a good idea. But, what should be done if a tree needs pruning? Well, approach the arborist Melbourne team of DMS Tree Removal, a professional tree service Melbourne company. We have many years of experience in the tree removal industry and know how to safely prune the tree whilst avoiding all the associated problems.

Our experts can also carry out hedge trimming, tree mulching, tree cutting, tree looping, tree stump removal melbourne, stump grinding and chipping without causing any damage to your property and the tree itself. For more information on our range of tree services in Melbourne, give us a call on 1800 770 273.