Is Winter A Good Time To Cut Trees?

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Who doesn’t like a lovely green garden with flowers and trees? A garden needs maintenance and planning to stay in shape. But, if you have long-grown trees that are starting to decay or look weak or dead, it’s good to cut them off before they fall and create unnecessary damages. Before resorting to tree removal, it’s essential to understand all the potential options. When you hire a tree removal melbourne, they’ll have your tree removed or pruned or remove the stumps for you. While you can remove it at any time of the year, tree removal during winter is best and here are our reasons.

Tree Cutting


Trees that have weak or dead branches or decayed should be moved immediately. During winter, the snow gets accumulated more weak tree mulching melbourne making them weigh down more. Old trees that are weak and fragile have a high chance of breaking off during winter. So, ensure to remove them as early as possible to protect your property. Otherwise, it may fall on roof structures, garages, bicycles or cars and could end up in more damage.


If you have plants or small trees around the dead tree or stump removal melbourne it sooner. The essential nutrients you provide will get absorbed by the dead tree or stump. So the surrounding plants will have poor nutrition and will not grow as desired. Tree removal proves to be effective because it ensures the soil and grass is healthy and unaffected and can deliver all the nutrients required for the plants to grow well.


It can be a sore to your eye to watch a dead or decaying tree or stump in a beautiful garden. So, get rid of them by hiring a professional arborist in Melbourne and avail Hedge Cutting Melbourne to remove all the damaged and decaying trees and stumps out from the garden. After removal, you can reshape your garden’s structure with beautiful green hedges and flowering plants.


Bottom Line

So, over all tree removal is best during winter. Our professional DMS Tree Removal arborists are here to visit your property, determine the damage possibilities and remove the tree safely and efficiently using the latest technology tools. For more information, call us on 0499 862 545 today.