Tree Rules and Regulations of Melbourne

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Trees are among the most valued assets in any country. They have numerous importance which includes maintaining a healthy environment, controlling air pollution and keeping a region cool. Melbourne city employs professional arborist melbourne to ensure a healthy forest. Melbourne city has authority over all trees in the town except those on private property unless the planning scheme accords them protection.

Tree Rules and Regulations of Melbourne

There are three rules and regulations listed under Melbourne law to protect tree damages and ensure they are well preserved. It is the responsibility of the local council to provide tree protection through Tree Preservation Orders. These orders inhibit one from tree looping melbourne, ringbarking, malicious destruction or cutting down of trees that are protected.

To do the above mention activities on trees which are specified under tree preservation orders, one must have the consent from the local council. A person who breaches the rules is punished through heavy fines. It is, therefore, always wise to consult with the local council to determine whether Tree Preservation Orders protect a tree before carrying any action that can be termed as tree destruction even though the tree could be on your property or you are on private property order.

To do tree pruning melbourne and or root severing when the roots over elongate and the branches appear overhanging, first, confirm whether it is protected. If it is, then you need to fill an application form requesting for permission to carry out these actions.

It is apparent that tree preservation and maintenance is at the heart of Melbourne city leadership. You, therefore, need to be careful and ensure you are conversant with all rules and regulations for the trees in Melbourne. Otherwise, you risk being caught up with the serious consequence for any action that is in contrary to Tree Preservation Orders. Contact DMS Tree Removal – Redback Tree Services Company for all your Tree Services Melbourne & related services.