Why professional Tree Service is required?

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Trees are beneficial to the environment as they help to clean air, provide shade and the city look cool. Managing trees in an urban environment is very essential nowadays. As per the council’s advice, the trees should be managed and maintained

  • In accordance with the Energy safe Victoria vegetation clearance requirements,
  • In accordance with the Vic Roads Regulation,
  • To provide clearance from buildings,
  • To maintain proper sight lines and clearance for road and pedestrian traffic.

Over-cutting or pruning also make some irreversible damage to the trees and make it prone to bacterial and fungi infection. So the trees should be assessed by qualified and experienced Tree Service Company for the good health and to meet the clearance requirement.

Let’s look through some of the tree services to manage and maintain them.

Tree Cutting Service:

Tree removal is not an easy task. If Tree cutting Melbourne is done by someone without prior experience it can cause damage to your property or to the neighbour’s property. Tree health report by specialised arborists is required to find problems like fungal or bacterial infections in trees. This report is essential to get a permit to cut down your tree.

Arborists Service:

Regular Arborists service will help to maintain the good health of the trees in all climatic conditions. The trained and experienced arborists in the tree service company will have wide knowledge about the health of the trees and provide best tree care solutions for the trees in your garden.

Tree pruning service:

Dead or aged branches in the tree can risk the health of the tree and regular Tree pruning Melbourne service is required to avoid risks. The professional tree service company have experienced team to cut down the infested stems or areas in the tree. This can prevent cutting down of trees in more number even for minor tree problems.

Standard pruning specifications:

  • 4.6 m above roads
  • 2.5 m above footpaths
  • 0.5 m from buildings.

Stump removal service:

Tree stump removal Melbourne requires various stump grinding tools. The Tree service Companies will be equipped with the latest tools and trained team for the stump removal service. Using tools stump can be removed effectively in less time.

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