When Should You Remove A Tree From Your Garden?

When Should You Remove A Tree From Your Garden?

When a tree starts developing problems, it can be difficult to decide whether it has to be removed or not. Dying trees that are not in risk of falling on nearby structures or people can be kept as long as possible. Dead trees serve as a place for birds to find food and nest. Unfortunately, if the dying tree is in danger of falling on your or your neighbour’s property, you should opt for tree removal service. If you are still confused and not sure when to remove a tree, simply walk through our suggestions.

A Tree with Dying Branches:

Dead or hanging branches are at a higher risk of falling during severe winds, costing you thousands of dollars for structural repairs. Being unsafe, the tree can be removed with the help of certified arborists.  These professionals are knowledgeable in all aspects of tree removal and will guide you through every step of the removal process.

Species of the Tree:

Tree RemovalCharacteristics such as weak wood, shallow roots, frequent infestation and prone to diseases make some trees undesirable. Trees that tend to drop large quantities of debris and that damage pavement are something insidious. If you have a tree with any of these characteristics, it is worth removing it from your yard.

Health of the Tree:

If the tree is severely infested, it probably should be removed. Though an infected tree continues to survive for years, it will have abnormal growth and terrible appearance. It is more likely to have misshapen leaves that may affect its look and appeal. If the infestation is not more intense, you can opt for tree pruning or trimming services, where you can cut down damaged or infested parts, thus preventing the disease from spreading to other parts of the tree.

Damages to Trunk:

Vertical cracks in the trunk, large wounds and dead branch stumps propose internal decay. If the main trunk is severely damaged, it justifies removal of the tree. On the flip side, the wound could gradually heal over, especially if the damage is not too intense. Of course, it is essential to get consultation from the tree care specialists before making any decision.

If you have any question about the health or safety of any tree, you can consult with the arborists of DMS Tree Company. We have a deep understanding of different tree species and have been trained in the most efficient ways to remove them. If you have a tree that needs to be removed, trimmed or pruned, call us at +61 1800 770 273 for a free estimate.