Arborist Tree Reports

Arborist Tree Reports

Arborist Tree ReportsThere is a lot of information to know about tree health care and advice. Professional, qualified arborists are best equipped to provide expert advice and guidance on the health and life of your trees.

DMS Tree Company offer a complete range of professional tree health care services and advice, utilising their more than 10 years’ experience working with trees in Melbourne. Comprehensive Arborist tree reports are often required as part of council applications or permits, and can cover situations where extensive pruning or complete tree removal is necessary.

DMS Tree Company has the experience to identify a range of tree problems including fungi, infestations, disease or dead trees.  We can provide detailed advice and guidance for all your tree health care situations.

Many situations can arise where trees appear to be dead or failing, and they can in fact be revitalised by an experienced and skilled Arborist.

A qualified and skilled Arborist can provide advice with regards to many aspects of tree health including ultimate climatic conditions, positioning, food and general care.  They can also provide advice with regards to larger and heavier trees that need expert pruning or safe tree removal, especially in situations which require council approval.

DMS Tree Company can provide a wide range of Arborist services, including:

  • Qualified Arborist reports
  • Tree condition reports
  • Tree maintenance reports and plans