Tree Removal Glen Iris

Maintaining the health and look of your trees takes a lot of efforts and time. Hiring a professional tree service company helps keeping your investment healthy and appealing. Based on Huntingdale, DMS Tree Company offers a wide range of tree services for residential, commercial and public properties of Glen Iris and surrounding suburbs at fair prices.

Certified Arborists:

We have a crew of certified arborists who are passionate about trees and are excited to promote their health. Our commitment to the protection and maintenance of foliages helped us gain good reputation from our customers.

Our services include:

Tree Pruning:

When you have unsightly-looking branches or trees posing a problem on your property, you may need the help of our tree pruners. Equipped with wealth of knowledge and tools, we ensure the attractive appearance of your trees and aesthetic value of your property.

Tree Removal:

Having a diseased or dead tree in your property can pose a safety hazard. Our crew of professionals will evaluate the specific situation and promptly remove the tree if necessary.

Stump grinding & removal:

If you believe that the tree stumps are marring your beautiful property, let our arborists to remove it and restore the beauty of your yard. With appropriate machines and techniques, we can grind and remove the stump quickly and safely.

DMS Tree Company also provides other services such as tree care & maintenance, disease diagnosis, garden consultation, hedge trimming and much more. So, don’t take a risk when it comes to your asset. Give us a call at 1800 770 273 and let us get the job done right!

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