Tree Removal Glen Waverley

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At DMS Tree Removal – Redback Tree Services Company, we provide more than just tree removal services. We offer a wide range of tree care services to our customers in Glen Waverley and nearby suburbs.

Our Services:

Tree Care Glen Waverley :

If you suspect your tree may be dying from pest, disease or droughts, we can help you. We assess your trees and provide appropriate treatments to encourage lush and green arbor life.

Tree Removal Glen Waverley:

When a tree becomes a hazard or danger, it has to be removed to prevent it from causing damages to the surrounding property. With immense experience, we can work even in tight spaces and remove the trees safely.

Trimming & Pruning Glen Waverley:

Trimming & Pruning give your trees long lasting life and beauty. Our arborists combine artistry and science to trim & prune trees and help protecting them from potential hazards.

Hedge Trimming Glen Waverley:

Leaving hedges uncared will affect the appeal of your home. We have the expert skill needed to properly trim and take care of the hedges.

Stump Grinding & Removal Glen Waverley:

Stumps can be hazardous and annoying as well, so it has to be removed as quickly as possible. We offer stump grinding & removal services and helps you maintain a beautiful landscape.

Want to keep your trees healthy and thriving? Give us a call on 1800 770 273 to get free quotes.